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We provide red color magnets Nd2Fe14B - our store's offer. Practically all magnesy in our store are available for immediate delivery (check the list). Check out the magnet price list for more details check the magnet price list

Magnets for treasure hunters F200 GOLD

Where to buy very strong magnet? Holders with magnets in solid and airtight enclosure are perfect for use in challenging weather, including during snow and rain see more...

magnetic holders

Holders with magnets can be applied to improve manufacturing, underwater exploration, or locating meteors made of metal check...

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             Magnetic grippers with neodymium for screws
             Broad selection of magnetic grippers for screws, with cone
             Neodymium magnets in Magnetic handles with thread and thread
             Neodymium Magnets in Rubber Magnetic Grips with External Thread
             Threaded magnetic handles, with neodymium magnets
             Magnetic handles with through hole thread, with neodymium magnets
             Wide selection of magnetic holders in channel housing for for screws, in channel housing
             Rubber Magnetic Grips with Internal Thread - Surface Protection
             Handles with a hook and a hook - extremely practical
             Game pieces with magnets - practical way of attaching
             Convenient, safe to use magnetic attachments..
             Powerful, neodymium holders, helpful while welding
             Attaching without drilling - thanks to magnetic suspensions
             Attach gas or weapons on a convenient magnetic strip
             Attach knives or keys on a useful magnetic strip
             Magnetic Snaps for fastening clothing and bags
             Magnetic Rollers for separation of metal objects
             Separators - Power of Neodymium Magnets
             Magnetic Grills with strong neodymium magnets
             with neodymium magnets
             Magnetic Separators - useful in scrapyards
             Magnets made of neodymium as separators
             Magnetic Toy Set - Gift Idea
             Ideal children's gift - building blocks
             Amazing toys with Magnetic building blocks XMAG²
             Kit of magnetic balls, interesting gift for all
             Do you want to hear the magnets? Buy our playing set
             Turbomag magnetizers, fuel savings, better performance
             Magnetizers from the XT4 group, reduced water consumption
             Modern magnetizers from the XT-5 family - pay less for fuel
             Reduce fuel costs with Turbomag magnetizers
             Magnets neodymium with non-standard parameters, made to order
             Magnets Separators (Openers), utilized for security purposes in shops
             Magnet Leviton - principle of operation, structure
             Useful accessories and handles, with neodymium magnets
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         Earth's Magnetism - essential all information
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             N and S Magnets or short information of magnet poles
             Parameters and Varieties Popular Magnetic Holders
             Neocube - toys in the form of magnetic balls
             Which Magnetic Separator to Choose?
         Operation of magnetic devices Turbomag® - magnetic power and efficiency
         TURBOMAG® Magnetizers & Product Description
         TURBOMAG® Magnetizers & Product Installation
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