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We offer yellow color magnetic Nd2Fe14B - our store's offer. All "neodymium magnets" on our website are in stock for immediate purchase (check the list). Check out the magnet pricing for more details see the magnet price list

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Warmly welcome to our online store As a specialized wholesaler, we offer the best industrial magnets and produce magnetic separators for ferromagnetic scrap and custom-made magnets on order. Neodymium magnets, also known as durable magnets, are made from the element neodymium (Nd), boron, and nickel. These unique alloys are characterized by a powerful attraction force as a main factor - immense lifting capacity, making them invaluable in many industrial sectors and everyday life.

Neodymium magnets are one of the most powerful and frequently chosen categories of magnets available on the market today. Their unique properties, such as exceptional strength and durability, open a wide range of applications in various industries, including electronics, industry, medicine, and scientific research.
Manufactured from neodymium, a strong and durable element, neodymium magnets are renowned for their ability to maintain their properties for many years, even in varied conditions.

Dhit sp. z o.o., previously known as Xinxin Polska, has been successfully operating in the magnetic industry since 2005, providing high-quality neodymium magnets and other magnetic products. As a manufacturer and importer, we always focus on equality – every customer is important to us, and we offer competitive prices and professional support to each.
Our experience and extensive technological background allow us to create high-class neodymium magnets and magnetic devices that find application in many industrial sectors. We proudly present our original solutions, such as the Turbomag® magnetizers and creative magnetic toys for children, including the XMAG² series, XLINK 1026, and the popular Neocube.
We ensure that our products not only stand out for their excellent quality but are also available at attractive prices - you will find what you are looking for. We warmly invite you to cooperate!

The unique properties of neodymium make them an irreplaceable tool in many applications, both in industry and in everyday home use. Thanks to their small size and immense strength, they are perfect for attaching metal objects, eliminating the need for welding or drilling - an important parameter. Some have a through-hole making mounting easier. They are commonly used in filters for separating contaminants from metal, crucial for the food, processing, and chemical industries due to their immense lifting capacity.

We have been in the magnet industry for over 20 years, enabling us to supply and produce high-quality magnetic products, offering possibilities for magnets such as NdFeB and Alnico, and also machining - production of magnetic rollers. Typically, our magnets belong to the N38, N42, N45 class, with a standard operating temperature of 80°C. We also offer the strongest neodymium in the N52 class, characterized by a standard operating temperature of ~ 60°C. You will find a very large selection in our offer, many sizes and shapes... Each client is treated individually, hence they name popular recommended products in their own way. Our magnet store and wholesaler, besides stationary sales, carries out shipments with GLS, DPD, and InPost couriers - just order, the maximum delivery time is 24h - fast delivery to your home.

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Current prices of Nd2Fe14B magnets.

In the manufacturing of powerful neodymium magnets, the most significant component is the rare earth element neodymium, which is employed as an alloying additive in the process of combining with iron and boron. It is an exceptionally rare element, primarily acquired in China. Expect successive price increases in the evolving circumstances of China's 90 percent dominance in this industry.
Analyzing this market condition, we encourage making protective purchases to avoid drastic price hikes. Experts specializing in rare earth elements estimate that it will surpass the 2022 level of 1,500,000 CNY/MT.
Why are there global increases in magnet prices?

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