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Turbomag® Magnetizers - Operation

Turbomag® Magnetizers - Future Technology

Turbomag® magnetizers are small devices that can be easily installed in cars. They have been on the market for several years and not only generate significant fuel savings but also contribute to increased car performance. They are also beneficial for the natural environment as they significantly reduce the amount of toxic substances emitted into the atmosphere by vehicles.

How many magnetizers should be installed? There is no ready answer to this question. In a small car, one is sufficient, while in larger cars, their number may (depending on the specific magnetizer) increase to several. However, it is worth considering that such modern vehicles are inherently more expensive and consume more fuel, so increased investment in magnetizers proportionally brings greater benefits than in small cars.

Everyone would like to know how significant savings can be achieved by using a magnetizer. Users can achieve a 27% reduction in fuel consumption, and the toxicity of the fuel is reduced by up to 80%. The catalytic converter can even be removed from the vehicle as the set of magnetizers can successfully replace it.

In a production car, a 10% increase in performance is considered significant. However, it often requires intervention in the electronics, and even with many engines, mechanical tuning cannot be avoided. Despite these measures, such power gains are hardly noticeable if they occur gradually. The essence of the matter lies in psychology. During driving, an average person, over time, feels more boredom with the improved acceleration, to which they easily get accustomed, rather than being impressed by the car's performance.

These problems are unknown to magnetizer users. Turbomag® works immediately. Just after driving 10-15 km from the moment of installation, the engine power increases on average by 7-11%, which can be felt by better acceleration and greater flexibility.

  • flow-through - connected to the fuel line leading to the engine (installation requires cutting the line, which requires careful consideration, especially in cars with fuel injection) - not recommended
  • overlay - two neodymium magnet-based magnetic lenses mounted on filters interact in two ways:
    • ionizing dipoles in:
      • fuel and air - thanks to the harmonious arrangement of bonds, the efficiency of combustion improves, i.e., greater efficiency is obtained from the same amount of fuel,
      • oil - the oil ester is domineralized by the action of a strong opposing magnetic field, which improves its adhesion to the engine's interior, reducing frictional forces

and at the same time

    • cleaning the system from ferromagnetics - examples of this are oil magnetizers and fuel magnetizers (used in the vapor phase in LPG and CNG installations)

Note! By installing magnetizers on fuel lines, you promote the clogging of the line by ferromagnetics, which will settle in the place where the magnetizer is installed over time.

  • fuel consumption savings of up to 22% (highly dependent on driving technique)
  • increased torque throughout the rev range (improved flexibility)
  • increased maximum power (higher top speed)
  • catalytic converter protection - engines without catalytic converters emit 80-95% fewer pollutants
  • removal of harmful carbon deposits from the combustion chambers - piston rings expand and seal the cylinders, restoring the nominal compression pressure of the engine and eliminating the main cause of smoke (oil entering the combustion chamber)
  • prevention of injector clogging (particularly important with low-quality fuels)
  • engine noise reduction - more even combustion process emits less noise and vibration.

Unfortunately, the variety of car models makes it impossible to standardize the diameter of the air duct. In a situation where precision matters, it might initially seem that there is no choice but to design different mounting brackets for each car brand. However, this problem has been overcome by precisely positioning the magnetizers at the appropriate angle without cutting or bending identical brackets.

  • reduction in CO, hydrocarbon, and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by up to 50%
  • reduction in fuel consumption by up to 22%
  • obtaining a high-octane effect from low-quality (cheaper) fuel
  • improved operation of carburetors and fuel injectors
  • cleaner spark plugs
  • increase in power and flexibility
  • cleaning of pipes and combustion chambers from carbon deposits
  • easy start in all conditions
  • significant extension of engine life
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