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neodymium magnets

We provide yellow color magnets Nd2Fe14B - our proposal. All magnesy in our store are in stock for immediate purchase (see the list). See the magnet price list for more details check the magnet price list

Magnets for water searching F300 GOLD

Where to purchase very strong magnet? Magnet holders in solid and airtight steel casing are ideally suited for use in difficult climate conditions, including during rain and snow read...

magnets with holders

Holders with magnets can be used to enhance production, underwater exploration, or locating meteors from gold more information...

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SI/CGS Unit Converter

SI/CGS unit calculator

Our converter enables conversion of units from the SI (International System of Units) and CGS (Centimeter-Gram-Second) systems.
Available options include conversion between basic and derived units of the SI/CGS system.

In our converter, you can convert units of:

  • Magnetism
  • Temperature
  • Weight
  • Size

How to convert?

Multiply the quantity in SI units by the number on the left side of the arrow > to obtain the equivalent in CGS units, and multiply the quantity in CGS units by the number on the right side of the arrow < to obtain the equivalent in SI units.

Cecha magnetyzmu Symbol cechy SI Porównanie konwersji CGS
Nazwa Jednostka Nazwa Jednostka
Strumień magnetyczny φ Weber Wb 108 > < 10-8 Makswel Mx
Gęstość strumienia magnetycznego B Tesla T 104 > < 10-4 Gauss G
Siła pola magnetycznego H Amper/m A/m 4π * 10-3 > < 103/4π Ersted Oe
Siła magnetyzmu M Amper/m A/m 10-3 > < 103 Gauss G
Polaryzacja magnetyczna J Tesla T 104/4π > < 4π * 10-4 Gauss G
Siła magnetomotoryczna Fm Amper A 4π * 10-1 > < 10/4π Gilbert Gi
Przyciąganie magnetyczne F Niuton N 105 > < 10-5 Dyna dyn
Przepuszczalność magnetyczna μ Henr/m H/m 107/4π > < 4π * 10-7   Liczba bezwzględna
Przepuszczalność Vaccuum μ0 4π * 10-7Henr/m H/m  1 Liczba bezwzględna
Opór magnetyczny Rm 1/Henr H-1 4π * 10-9 > < 109/4π Gilbert/Makswel Gi/Mx
Przenikanie P Henr H 109/4π9 > < 4π * 10-9 Makswel/Gilbert Mx/Gi
Produkt o maksymalnej energii BH Dżul/m3 J/m3 4π * 10 > < 10-1/4π Gauss/Oersted G,Oe
BH Dżul/m3 J/m3 10 > < 10-1 Erg/cm3 erg/cm3
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