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Unit Calculator

magnetic induction unit calculator

The Unit Calculator is a tool that allows for the conversion of various units related to magnetism, such as magnetic induction (B), magnetic field strength (H), and maximum energy product (BHmax). The calculator supports both anglo-saxon and SI units, enabling conversion between them, e.g., Tesla (T) or milliTesla (mT) to Gauss (G) or kiloGauss (kG). The calculator also provides a magnetism converter, temperature, weight, size converter, force and mass calculator for neodymium magnets, and periodic table.

In our unit calculator, you can convert units of:

  • Magnetic induction (B)
  • Magnetic field strength (H)
  • Maximum energy product (BHmax)

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Charakterystyka System miar
Anglosaski i SI
Indukcja magnetyczna (B) Tesla (T) lub milliTesla (mT)
Gauss (G) lub kiloGauss (kG)
G = 10000 • T
kG = 10 • T
T = G / 10000
T = kG / 10
mT = G / 10
Wprowadź liczbę w dowolnym polu G T
Wytrzymałość pola magnetycznego (H) ersted (Oe)
kiloersted (kOe)
amper na metr (A / m)
kiloamper na metr (kA / m)
Oe = 12,5663706 • kA / m
kA / m = 0,079577472 • Oe
kA / m = 79,577472 • kOe
Wprowadź liczbę w dowolnym polu Oe kA/m
Maksymalny produkt energetyczny (BHmax) MegaGauss Ersted (MGOe)
kilodżule na metr sześcienny (kJ / m3)
MGOe = 0,122566 • kJ / m3
kJ / m3= 7,9577 • MGOe
Wprowadź liczbę w dowolnym polu MGOe kJ/m3
giga G 109 1 000 000 000
mega M 106 1 000 000
kilo k 103 1 000
decy d 10-1 0.1
centy c 10-2 0.01
milli m 10-3 0.001
micro µ 10-6 0.000 001
nano n 10-9 0.000 000 001
pico p 10-12 0.000 000 000 001
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