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neodymium magnets

We offer yellow color magnets Nd2Fe14B - our store's offer. Practically all magnesy in our store are in stock for immediate delivery (check the list). Check out the magnet pricing for more details see the magnet price list

Magnets for searching F400 GOLD

Where to purchase very strong magnet? Magnet holders in airtight, solid steel enclosure are perfect for use in difficult climate conditions, including in the rain and snow check...

magnetic holders

Magnetic holders can be applied to facilitate production, underwater discoveries, or locating meteors made of metal more...

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effective grips for mounting metal objects

Effective grips for mounting knives, keys

magnetic grips for knives and other objects

If you don't know what can be done with knives in your kitchen, we have for you a great solution.
Supports with magnets for keys and knives are a very practical type of holder, with which you can arrange your owned knives in a convenient way and you will always have them at hand in the kitchen. However this is not the only purpose of holders of this type. If you work in a workshop, it will serve you well for the owned tools. Neodymium magnets applied to make our offered magnetic holders for keys and knives, are extremely strong and you will hang them on the holder small tools, metal keys, but also a heavier hammer. With these holders you will always have order in the workshop and kitchen!


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UMN 410x44x15 / N52

catalog number 200455

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410 mm [±0,1 mm]


44 mm [±0,1 mm]


15 mm [±0,1 mm]

capacity ~

5.00 kg / 49.03 N

98.99 PLN with VAT gross price / pcs

80.48 PLN net price + 23% VAT / pcs

bulk discounts:

price from 1 pcs
80.48 PLN
98.99 PLN
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75.65 PLN
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