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Where to purchase strong magnet? Holders with magnets in solid and airtight steel casing are ideally suited for use in challenging climate conditions, including snow and rain check...

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Holders with magnets can be used to enhance manufacturing, underwater discoveries, or searching for space rocks from gold check...

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magnetic knife holders

How can a magnet be used for storing knives?

Storing knives in a drawer is probably the most popular method. but the most popular isn't the most convenient - opening the drawer every time to cut something is firstly time-consuming, and secondly risky. not to mention the knives that don't fit in the compartment, which the more ingenious hide at the back, making them even harder to access. practical and popular are wooden or plastic stands with several slots for inserting knives. but lately, magnetic strips have been gaining more interest, providing completely new possibilities for storing not only the knives themselves but also other metal accessories or tools. the popularity of these strips stems from the use of very strong neodymium magnets. they are so strong that they can hold even long, large blades without the risk of slipping off. safety is very important, as a suddenly falling knife could cause serious injury or damage furniture, but with neodymium magnets, this risk is mitigated. this storage method has many advantages. everything is within reach, no need to search through deep drawers when preparing something. additionally, the whole setup looks very sleek and modern, which also matters for the appearance of our kitchen.

Types of knife holders!

Magnetic knife holders come in various types and sizes. sleek, raw, yet extremely modern are stainless steel strips with a magnet inside. they are either equipped with special hangers for mounting or attached to the wall with strong self-adhesive tape, ensuring a secure fit for many years. they are very easy to clean, just needing a wipe with a damp cloth. wood is an alternative to steel. from local species like oak, beech, pear, or walnut to exotic varieties - the choice is huge, as are the prices. both steel and wooden models have a rod or strip made of neodymium magnet inside. its strength is so great that, despite some distance due to the thickness of the outer material, it will securely hold each knife in place. for connoisseurs and fans of unusual solutions, some manufacturers also offer stands with a magnet inside, finished in either wood or metal. magnetic strips are great not only for kitchens but also for workshops. models with stronger magnets can be used to store even large keys, hammers, pliers, and other heavier tools.


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