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Holders with magnets can be used to enhance manufacturing, underwater discoveries, or searching for space rocks from gold check...

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Magnets in Domestic Uses

The versatility of magnets in various applications has been known for a long time. Various electronic devices, toys, and holders are just some of the uses that can be found in our homes. There are many advantages to using magnets. What's important is that their use doesn't have to involve drilling or gluing. Take, for example, magnets for attaching notes and documents. Whether it's on the refrigerator or a dedicated board, all you have to do is detach the magnet and move it to another place. And importantly, exactly where you want it, so you don't have to make another hole in the wall or rush to the store for another tube of glue because the previous one just ran out. Magnetic strips for storing knives and other metal accessories are also very popular. Such a strip needs to be permanently attached to the wall, there's no getting around that. But the way the knives are arranged on it depends entirely on the owner's ingenuity. In addition to practical aspects, it's also worth noting that such a solution looks very elegant and modern. There are plenty of interesting and inspiring examples of using magnets to organize home spaces, such as magnetic hooks that can be easily mounted in your closet using magnetic hooks.

Closet with Magnets - How to Do It?

Many people often have a problem with hooks that, once screwed in, don't stay exactly where they should over time. A great solution to this can be a metal strip placed in the closet, along with a few magnetic hooks that can be attached anywhere. To implement this idea, you will primarily need magnetic hooks. They don't have to be large - even a small neodymium magnet has sufficient strength to hold a winter jacket or coat. Such magnets can be bought in many stores, and everyone can choose the quantity according to their needs. However, since magnets cannot be attached directly to the wall or furniture board, it is also necessary to make a metal strip. For this, it is best to go to a building supply store or a store with metal items. Perhaps you will find one that is ready-made and painted, but if not, you will need to cut the metal to size and paint it yourself. This strip can be attached either directly to the wall or first to a wooden board and then to the wall. It can be done without drilling holes in the wall, although, of course, this method is also good and effective. But it will definitely be faster and, above all, cleaner to do it with mounting glue. When installing, remember that the metal part should be facing the closet, not the wall.


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