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neodymium magnets

We offer yellow color magnetic Nd2Fe14B - our proposal. All "neodymium magnets" on our website are in stock for immediate delivery (see the list). Check out the magnet pricing for more details check the magnet price list

Magnets for fishing F400 GOLD

Where to buy powerful neodymium magnet? Holders with magnets in solid and airtight steel casing are ideally suited for use in variable and difficult weather conditions, including during rain and snow more information...

magnetic holders

Holders with magnets can be used to enhance production, underwater discoveries, or searching for meteorites from gold see more...

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magnetic enhancements

Modern magnetizers XT-4 central heating best prices

magnetizers from Turbomag series® XT-4

Turbomag magnetizers® from the series XT-4 - for central heating and domestic water. Thanks to magnetic ionization, they will cause the precipitation of element ions that cause the formation of scale deposits, thereby inhibiting harmful processes such as cementation of pipe interiors. This protects against scale deposition in inside the installations and simultaneously reduces existing scale deposits. This process is time-consuming, and the effects can be seen typically after a month.


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XT-4 magnetyzery CO i WODY użytkowej

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