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Magnetic calculators help find the perfect magnet.

magnetic calculator (strength - magnetic induction - weight) for NdFeB magnets

The letter N stands for neodymium magnet, and the numbers from 35 to 52 represent the so-called "maximum energy product". This number expresses the degree of magnetization of the material in MGOe units. For example, the maximum energy product of an N40 material is 40 MGOe. The higher the number, the stronger the magnet. The force of the magnet is roughly proportional to this number, so N55 is almost 60% stronger than N35. Most of our magnets are N38 to N45 because in this range, magnets have the best strength-to-price ratio. N48 and higher materials are suitable for applications where a very strong magnet is needed but it has to be as small/light as possible due to limited space, e.g., in electronics.
The indicated magnetic field is the magnetic flux density on the magnet's surface in the middle of the wall with the poles. This can be relatively reliably calculated based on tried and tested formulas for calculating the magnetic field intensity around the magnet.
The calculator is intended for calculating the strength of standard neodymium magnets. Magnetic holders with magnets, e.g., cylindrical ones or ones like our treasure hunting magnets or conical magnetic screw holders, usually have a higher surface force than plain cylinders without a hole.
Under ideal conditions, yes, but realistically, a significant safety margin should be taken into account. The force may decrease if the object is not pure steel, is coated with another material (such as paint), has an uneven/curved surface, the magnet is pulled at an angle to the contact surface (imprecisely in the magnetization direction), the object's surface is partially rusted, or the steel thickness is insufficient. Therefore, we recommend choosing magnets with higher breaking strength and, most importantly, testing them in more challenging conditions before purchasing a larger quantity of magnets.
Lines of magnetic force are non-intersecting lines that run from north to south on the outside and from south to north on the inside of the magnet. The force of the magnet is closer to its pole and decreases towards the center, so to roughly examine the force of a neodymium magnet, we have created a magnet strength calculator that theoretically checks this.
The breaking strength can be calculated from the magnetic flux density on the magnet's surface. However, these theoretical calculations often do not agree with experimental data. Our calculator is based on measurements of a large number of magnets with different sizes. The strength of other magnets is then calculated by interpolating between the already known measured magnets. We use the experimental values measured by the American company K&J Magnetics.

To perform the calculations, select the shape of the neodymium magnet below...

Podstawowe właściwości gatunku materiału NdFeB
właściwości gatunku magnesu:
układ: CGS SI
remanencja: (Br) kGauss Tesla
koercja: (Hcb) KOe kA/m
wewnętrzna siła: (Hcj) KOe kA/m
gęstość energii: (BH Max.) KOe kJ/m3
max. temp. pracy:

When selecting the perfect magnet for your application, many factors need to be considered. Magnets come in various shapes, sizes, and strengths - not to mention the many different magnetic materials to choose from. Remember! There is no such thing as a monopole magnet, they do not exist at this stage and have not been observed or invented - if you discover monopoles, you will probably win the Nobel Prize in physics.

Magnetism is the physical force of attraction or repulsion that acts on objects based on their fundamental magnetic properties. Magnets must and always have opposite poles, i.e., south as well as north. If you break a magnet in half, you will get two new magnets, each with a north and south pole.

However, the overall magnetic strength of magnets (in addition to thickness) is influenced by several parameters such as:

  • magnet type (i.e., the material it is made of),
  • magnetic grid,
  • shape and pole surface area,
  • its weight determines how it affects other magnets or objects.

Expert-Supported Magnetic Calculators

Our magnetic calculators are provided for your convenience and are intended to assist you in choosing a design path. In the real world, there are many variables that these calculations cannot account for - although our calculators cannot answer every question, our world-class team of engineers is available to address any inquiries you may have. Whether you are trying to select the best magnet for a DIY project or an industrial application, no project is too big or too small for us, and we look forward to hearing from you and answering any magnet-related questions.

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