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neodymium magnets

We offer blue color magnets Nd2Fe14B - our offer. Practically all magnesy on our website are available for immediate delivery (see the list). Check out the magnet price list for more details check the magnet price list

Magnet for fishing F300 GOLD

Where to buy strong neodymium magnet? Magnetic holders in solid and airtight steel casing are perfect for use in variable and difficult weather conditions, including during rain and snow see more...

magnets with holders

Magnetic holders can be used to improve production processes, underwater discoveries, or searching for meteors from gold see more...

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convenient closures for neodymium magnets

Magnetic snaps

magnetic fasteners

Such snaps on magnets made of neodymium are incredibly convenient elements, which can be versatilely utilized during production of the most diverse purses and bags for women and men, wallets, coin purses, briefcases, and clothing, wherever such catches can be used. The products we offer house a very strong magnet made of neodymium, thus, the closure itself is solid and resilient, not letting elements to detach to easily unfasten. Magnetic clasps are mostly used while making of various clothing, including pants and medical clothing or other garment products related to Occupational Health and Safety. Magnetic catches are offered in the most diverse dimensions and shapes, hence, you can easily adjust them to a damaged or broken button or fastener and replace it with a magnetic closure with a neodymium magnet.


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