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neodymium magnets

We provide red color magnets Nd2Fe14B - our offer. All magnesy neodymowe on our website are available for immediate purchase (see the list). Check out the magnet pricing for more details check the magnet price list

Magnets for water searching F400 GOLD

Where to buy very strong neodymium magnet? Magnet holders in airtight and durable steel enclosure are excellent for use in difficult climate conditions, including during rain and snow check...

magnetic holders

Magnetic holders can be used to improve production, exploring underwater areas, or searching for meteorites made of ore more information...

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bespoke magnets

Bespoke magnets

made-to-order magnets

Apart from standard catalog designs, we also want to offer our clients magnets with unique specifications or constructions. Among others, we have made-to-order magnets that will find versatile applications in different projects. We also offer magnets that were produced to utilize available materials, as well as magnets featuring different defects. In most cases, the unconventional design and specifications or small structural flaws will not hinder anything, and our store's customers will be able to quickly and at an attractive price acquire the products they will need.

To order magnets based on your idea and dimensions, please check what we can offer and how to proceed in the custom magnets category.
Or, even better, give us a call and ask ;) it's the fastest way...

Our offer includes not only standard magnets but also custom magnets that can be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of our customers. We provide magnets created on special orders that can be used in various solutions. Our range also features magnets manufactured from available materials and magnets with minor defects. The non-standard structure, technical parameters, or minor damages should not pose a problem, and we offer attractive prices to our customers. To order magnets according to your own idea and dimensions, please contact us by phone or check our "Custom Magnets" category.


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