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neodymium magnets

We offer red color magnetic Nd2Fe14B - our offer. Practically all magnesy neodymowe in our store are available for immediate purchase (check the list). See the magnet pricing for more details check the magnet price list

Magnet for fishing F400 GOLD

Where to purchase very strong neodymium magnet? Magnetic holders in solid and airtight steel enclosure are perfect for use in difficult, demanding weather conditions, including snow and rain read...

magnets with holders

Holders with magnets can be applied to facilitate production, exploring underwater areas, or locating meteors from gold read...

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magnetic holder for clipping of weapons

Rubber Magnets for weapons

magnet - magnetic holder for attachment of weapons

An excellent way to store firearms in unconventional places, providing quick and easy access, commonly used in offices, cars, bedrooms, etc.
The magnetic holder for a pistol is equipped with a powerful magnet capable of holding up to 5 kg, strong enough to secure the weapon and prevent it from falling, while the rubber housing ensures a firm grip.

And if you want a higher level of security, feel free to choose two of these magnetic holders to also mount larger firearms such as hunting rifles, automatic weapons, large magazines, and shotguns.

Compatible with:
Smith & Wesson (M&P Shield, M&P M2.0, 686, 10, Model 60, SD, Bodyguard 380), Ruger (LCP, LCP II, LCP 380ACP, SP101, SR1911, GP-100,LCR, BlackHawk, Red Label, LC9, RS22), Springfield (XD-S, EMP4, XDM), Sig Sauer (P226, 229, P938, P225, P320, P365), Glock (G17, G19, G20, G22, G42, G43), Colt (1911, Python, SAA), Kel Tec (PMR-30, KSG, P-11), Heckler & Koch USP, Browning (Hi-Power, A5, Citori 725, B-SS, BT-99, Maxus, Black Label), Walther (PPK6, P99), Taurus (85, PT92, PT-111), Remington (760, 7600, 1100, 11-87, 870), and many others.


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GM 100x38x13 / N52

catalog number 330454

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100 mm [±0,1 mm]


38 mm [±0,1 mm]


13 mm [±0,1 mm]

magnetizing direction

↑ axial

capacity ~

5.00 kg / 49.03 N

65.50 PLN with VAT gross price / pcs

53.25 PLN net price + 23% VAT / pcs

bulk discounts:

price from 1 pcs
53.25 PLN
65.50 PLN
price from 7 pcs
50.05 PLN
61.56 PLN
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46.86 PLN
57.64 PLN
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