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neodymium magnets

We offer yellow color magnetic Nd2Fe14B - our store's offer. All "neodymium magnets" on our website are in stock for immediate delivery (check the list). Check out the magnet price list for more details see the magnet price list

Magnets for searching F200 GOLD

Where to buy very strong magnet? Magnet holders in airtight and durable steel casing are excellent for use in variable and difficult climate conditions, including during snow and rain read...

magnets with holders

Magnetic holders can be used to facilitate production, underwater exploration, or locating space rocks made of ore more...

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Toys version Xlink 1026

Children's toys from the series Xlink 1026

Construction toys Xlink 1026

Simply place down your built construction made of blocks with magnets Xlink 1026 in the sunlight, and you will see how the color of the blocks transforms after a while.
Incredible? Magnets Xlink 1026 provide not only many other attractions.
Have you tried to leave Xlink 1026 series blocks in a temperature higher than 31° C?
No? Don't wait any longer See for yourself how the magical properties of blocks with magnets cause a transformation of their color

Play, guess what colors you'll get in sunlight, change elements, design everything your imagination allows.


Due to the danger of swallowing small parts, the product is recommended for children over 5 years old.

toys for children in the version xlink 1026


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ZK XLINK 1026 elementów

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