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neodymium magnets

We offer red color magnetic Nd2Fe14B - our offer. All "magnets" in our store are in stock for immediate purchase (see the list). See the magnet price list for more details check the magnet price list

Magnets for fishing F200 GOLD

Where to buy powerful magnet? Holders with magnets in airtight, solid enclosure are perfect for use in difficult, demanding weather, including during snow and rain check...

magnetic holders

Holders with magnets can be used to improve production, exploring underwater areas, or finding meteors made of ore see...

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sound-emitting magnets

Eggs made of magnets

magnets that sing

This extraordinary magnetic toy can definitely enchant anyone who will want to hold it in their hand. Chirping magnets are an incredible discovery that causes daily play with these magnets to become an excellent joy for you and your children! Our singing magnets are made of ideally polished and smooth-finished hematite magnets in the color of deep black. Resonating magnets are a highly interesting toy. Whenever you connect them in the right way, something extraordinary happens. They emit such distinctive sounds that you could say they simply sing!

Click the play button below to hear the sound effects accompanying the magnet connection:

Watch and listen

You can perform many tricks using magnetic eggs. It will provide you with hours of enjoyable entertainment. Other companies sell similar magnets for over 50 PLN, often under the name 'magnetoids.' Our product is exactly the same magnets, but at a significantly lower price. We simply gave up unnecessary, extravagant, and expensive packaging in favor of an affordable price. Besides, once you hold this toy in your hand, you won't put it down for long! Order now before our stock runs out because this toy has become a very popular gift!

singing magnets

WARNING: Magnetic eggs are highly resistant to damage, but they are not indestructible. They will break if dropped on a hard surface. Also, remember that magnetic eggs are made of neodymium magnets, and they should be handled in accordance with the safety guidelines for this type of magnets.

  • Do not bring them near electronic devices and magnetic data carriers.

  • Please read the detailed safety rules available on our website.

  • This is a better game than having any other pair of magnets.

  • The price on the website is charged per pair.

  • Dimensions are given in millimeters.


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JM 15x40 - jajka w pudełku/cena za parę

catalog number 270212


7.00 PLN with VAT gross price / pcs

5.69 PLN net price + 23% VAT / pcs

bulk discounts:

price from 1 pcs
5.69 PLN
7.00 PLN
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5.35 PLN
6.58 PLN
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5.01 PLN
6.16 PLN
Product available shipping in 2 days!

JM 18x60 - jajka bez pudełka/cena za parę

catalog number 270213


8.99 PLN with VAT gross price / pcs

7.31 PLN net price + 23% VAT / pcs

bulk discounts:

price from 1 pcs
7.31 PLN
8.99 PLN
price from 48 pcs
6.87 PLN
8.45 PLN
price from 110 pcs
6.43 PLN
7.91 PLN
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