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Magnet for treasure hunters F300 GOLD

Where to buy very strong magnet? Holders with magnets in airtight, solid steel casing are perfect for use in variable and difficult weather conditions, including during snow and rain see more...

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Magnetic holders can be applied to improve production, underwater discoveries, or finding meteors made of ore more information...

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neodymium magnets for protection

Magnetic clothing separators

Magnets neodymium for removing protective clips

Magnets applied for magnetic separators, are incredibly powerful neodymium magnets serving for separating magnetic clips utilized in diverse shops. Anti-theft clips are used for securing of goods against thefts of valuable, costly items, like alcohol, leather goods, clothing, footwear, electronic devices, and various other products that are often targeted for theft. By using magnetic gates at commercial premises, it is not possible to leave with a secured item by a magnetic clip. The only way to detach such clips will be to use a very powerful neodymium magnet found in magnetic separators next to the checkout.

Magnet for anti-theft clips of type RM®#6 by DHIT brand is a universal and strong solution for removing store clips. It works particularly well with round (golf) magnetic clips, but its unique design allows for opening any RF and AM anti-theft clip. The magnet can be attached to the counter using the thread located at the bottom. It is an excellent support for store security systems, especially in outlets and new and used clothing stores where store security measures vary with each delivery. We guarantee that the RM®#6 GOLF magnet will remove any magnetic clip. To ensure that you can open any securing clip, we recommend purchasing the DHIT HOOK mechanical clip opener.
Ultra magnet RM®#6 by DHIT brand is a modern solution for stores that need a fast and effective way to remove various types of anti-theft clips. It features a high power of 13000 Gauss (to be verified at the company's headquarters), allowing it to remove security measures of various shapes, such as round, long, rectangular, and square, as well as curved pins and branded clips.
Its unique "cylinder" shape with a recess in the central part allows the magnet to work doubly - the center pulls the security measure down, while the sides pull it outward. Thanks to this, we can quickly remove any type of magnetic clip with a swift and efficient motion.
The Ultra magnet RM®#6 by DHIT brand is easy to use and intuitive, and its installation on the counter is simple thanks to two screws. It is a safe and modern solution recommended for stores such as outlets or used clothing stores. Ideal for sellers who value speed and effectiveness.
In the magnetic industry, we have been operating since 2005, specializing in the distribution of magnets and magnetic articles for opening store clips. We cooperate with various establishments, from small shops to large chains.

Our priority is to sell only the STRONGEST store magnets available on the market. Each delivery is rigorously quality-controlled by us, ensuring that we always offer products of the highest quality. Our team is characterized by professionalism and technical knowledge, and we are always ready to provide helpful advice.


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RM R6 GOLF - 13000 Gs / N52

catalog number 280398


magnetizing direction

↑ axial

150.00 PLN with VAT gross price / pcs

121.95 PLN net price + 23% VAT / pcs

bulk discounts:

price from 1 pcs
121.95 PLN
150.00 PLN
price from 5 pcs
114.63 PLN
140.99 PLN
price from 13 pcs
107.32 PLN
132.00 PLN
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RM R7 SUPER - 13000 Gs / N52

catalog number 280399


magnetizing direction

↑ axial

160.00 PLN with VAT gross price / pcs

130.08 PLN net price + 23% VAT / pcs

bulk discounts:

price from 1 pcs
130.08 PLN
160.00 PLN
price from 5 pcs
122.28 PLN
150.40 PLN
price from 12 pcs
114.47 PLN
140.80 PLN
Product available shipping tomorrow!

RM R8 ULTRA - 13000 Gs / N52

catalog number 280400


magnetizing direction

↑ axial

200.00 PLN with VAT gross price / pcs

162.60 PLN net price + 23% VAT / pcs

bulk discounts:

price from 1 pcs
162.60 PLN
200.00 PLN
price from 4 pcs
152.84 PLN
187.99 PLN
price from 10 pcs
143.09 PLN
176.00 PLN
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