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neodymium magnets

We provide red color magnetic Nd2Fe14B - our proposal. Practically all magnesy in our store are available for immediate purchase (check the list). See the magnet price list for more details check the magnet price list

Magnets for searching F400 GOLD

Where to buy very strong magnet? Holders with magnets in solid and airtight steel enclosure are excellent for use in variable and difficult weather, including snow and rain see more...

magnets with holders

Magnetic holders can be applied to facilitate manufacturing, underwater discoveries, or finding space rocks from gold see...

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Necessary technical specifications

Form for custom magnets and magnetic products

Powerful neodymium magnets are widely used, and various industrial sectors are increasingly reaching for them. During the design phase, the specifications of the magnets used, as well as their detailed characteristics, are crucial. Comprehensive technical documentation is therefore extremely beneficial. In this section, we provide a range of useful specifications and documents that can serve as inspiration and be implemented in new solutions. Users will find both user manuals and detailed technical specifications here. For our visitors, we offer specialized calculation sheets that can help determine the essential parameters of powerful magnets. We recognize the growing significance of neodymium magnets in modern industry and technology. Therefore, we continuously update our documentation database to give our customers access to the latest research and solutions in this field. We also collaborate with top experts and scientists to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and up-to-date. We encourage everyone to visit our website regularly and use the available resources. Additionally, on our blog, we regularly publish articles and analyses on the latest trends and achievements in the world of neodymium magnets.

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tel: +48 888 99 98 98